Chrysal Clear Universal flower food

Chrysal Clear Universal flower food

Flower food for the complete development of all cut flowers.


To improve the vase life of cut flowers Chrysal universal has been developed. In numerous trials it has been proven that Chrysal Clear substantially improves the longevity of almost all cut flowers. The results show that Chrysal clear significantly improves the vase life of the tested cut flowers.

The average improvements range from more than 30% for mixed bouquets up to almost 100% for Lisianthus. Also suitable for flower arrangements in vase and floral foam. The product is packed in an easy to open sachet and adds to the quality perception of the bouquet. Effects

  • Extends the vase life of flowers by more than 60% compared to the use of water alone
  • Reduces the pH and stimulates water uptake and food consumption
  • Allows a vase life guarantee of over 7 days

Packaging & Dosing

For one Quart of water/ 10 Gram Packet: 1000 flower food packets per box

For one Pint of water/ 5 Gram Packet: 1000 ct per box, 2000 ct per box and 200 ct bags available. 

The Effects

Mixed bouquet
Day 12