• Arrive Alive by Chrysal

    Arrive Alive by Chrysal is a patented horticultural foam-wrap which hydrates flowers during transport or at point of sale. The concept fits perfectly within the...

  • Chrysal Aqua Pad

    An innovative product for pot plants that helps to reduce pot plant wastage during the retail phase.

  • Chrysal AVB

    Post-harvest conditioner for ethylene sensitive summer flowers.

  • Chrysal BVB

    Conditioner that corrects imbalances in Iris, Alstromerias and Lilies. Prevents premature leaf yellowing and encourages bud opening and better flower quality.

  • Chrysal Classic Flower Food

    Cut flower food for all flower types.

  • Chrysal Cleaner

    Chrysal Professional Cleaner is a detergent for the Chrysal Dosing Unit, vases, buckets, containers, worktables, equipment, floors, walls and coolers.

  • Chrysal Clear Bulb Flower food

    Cut flower food for enhanced performance of all bulb flowers, such as iris, Tulipa, freesia and...

  • Chrysal Clear Bulb T-Bag

    Conditioner for use during transport for bulb flowers to improve vase life.

  • Chrysal Clear Consumer Bottle

    Cut flower food for the complete development of all cut flowers. Now in a new design!

  • Chrysal Clear Liquid RosePro

    Liquid cut flower food especially developed for roses.

  • Chrysal Clear Professional 1

    Chrysal Clear Professional 1 is an all-purpose rehydrating solution for use after dry transport.

  • Chrysal Clear Professional 2

    Chrysal Clear Professional 2 is a conditioner for use during transport and in store.

  • Chrysal Clear Professional 2 T-Bag

    Conditioner for use during transport for all cut flowers to improve vase life.

  • Chrysal Clear Professional 3

    Chrysal Clear Professional 3 is a liquid food suitable for all cut flower varieties in vase and foam...

  • Chrysal Clear Universal flower food

    Flower food for the complete development of all cut flowers.

  • Chrysal CVBN

    Improved Gerbera treatment in tablet form for Gerbera, Germini and other cut flowers.

  • Chrysal Dosing Unit

    Correct dosage is vital for optimum effectiveness of post-harvest and conditioning products. Overdosing can damage the quality of the flowers whilst underdosing...

  • Chrysal Easy Dip

    Chrysal Easy Dip is a new pre-conditioner for use by all floral handlers.

  • Chrysal Flower Food Private Label

    Cut flower food for the complete development of all cut flowers. Private labeling with your own design!

  • Chrysal Leafshine

    Chrysal Leafshine takes care of the appearance of plants and cut foliage. Easy to use! For professional and home use.

  • Chrysal Leafshine Concentrate

    Leafshine on water basis for naturally shining leaves of plants and cut foliage.

  • Chrysal Orchid Food Drops

    An innovative concept with liquid orchid food.

  • Chrysal OVB

    Chrysal OVB is a hydrating solution for summer flowers.

  • Chrysal Plant Food Drops

    An innovative concept with liquid plant food.

  • Chrysal Professional 3 powder

    Chrysal Professional 3 is a powdered food supplement for the full development of flowers in vase and...

  • Chrysal Professional Glory

    Chrysal Professional Glory is especially suitable for flower arrangements and corsages.

  • Chrysal RVB Clear Intensive

    Chrysal RVB Clear Intensive is a clear universal hydrating treatment with a new, more concentrated dosage of 1ml per litre of water. Treatment with RVB is obligatory...

  • Chrysal Silk & Dried Flower Cleaner

    Chrysal Silk & Dried Flower Cleaner is a water based product, which cleans and freshens...

  • Chrysal SVB

    Post-harvest anti leaf-yellowing treatment for Lilium, Alstroemeria and Euphorbia fulgens.

  • Ethylene Buster®

    Protects against ethylene gas which reduces the life of ethylene sensitive flowers.

  • Flower Stem Stripper

    Flower shaped rubber stem strippers. These flexible strippers have rubber fingers that are just firm enough to strip thorns and foliage without tearing the bark...

  • Hawaiian Floral Mist

    Originally designed for tropical flowers, but works great on all flower types.

  • NEW Chrysal Floral Foam ELITE

    Chrysal Floral Foam ELITE is a new A-quality floral foam that will help to create beautiful, long-lasting...

  • RosePro Hydration Solution

    RosePro is a hydration solution for use in cold stores and shops.

  • RosePro Vase Solution

    Nothing can improve the quality and longevity of roses better than RosePro hydra-nutrient solutions.

  • Transporter 10

    Floral vase blocks which can be used for transporting vases and containers. The blocks have graduated openings and will accommodate many different sizes.